Points of Interest


1.The famous entrance designated a historical landmark in 1977 on the occasion of our 100th anniversary.

2.Our World War Memorial with our flag pole honoring War Veterans of W.W. I and W.W. II… The flag is flown in honor of one of our veterans each day.

3.The grave of Joseph Lahvic, the first grave digger at the cemetery.

4.Statue “The Mother” by Albin Polasek, noted Czech sculptor, erected in 1927 on the occasion of our 50th year Jubilee.

5.The Crematory Building, erected in 1913 with its beautiful main chapel and Columbarium.

6.The KOLAR family mausoleum, landlords to Mrs. O’Leary of Chicago Fire fame.

7.Plaque honoring N. Brada, a baby, whose burial was the first ever to take place at our cemetery. The grave was originally near the entrance gate, but it was moved for security reasons and to provide a place of honor.

8.The ODD FELLOWS MONUMENT located at the northwest corner of the park area.

9.The CIVIL WAR VETERANS MEMORIAL. The cornerstone was laid on July 28, 1899 with dedication on May 29, 1892. The memorial cost was $5,035.

10.The SPANISH AMERICAN WAR MEMORIAL known as HIKER. The statue is 8’5” tall, weighs 1600 pounds and stands on Wisconsin Red Granite boulder weighing 25 tons. The statue and boulder rest on a foundation which is 9’ deep.

11.KLACEL CIRCLE. In this circle are buried some of the guiding forces in Czech American History, among them Vaclav Pohl, first President of the Czechoslovak Societies of America, Frank Zdrubek, a founder of the Bohemian National Cemetery Association, Frank Boucek, also a president of the cemetery, Robert Vickers, author of the “History of Bohemia”, Dr. Antonin Mueller and Dr. Anton Radesinsky.

12.Section 16 where many of the victims of the EASTLAND DISASTER are buried.

13.Family Mausoleum of the CERMAK family. Anton Cermak was Mayor of Chicago from 1931 to 1933, when he was assassinated while protecting the life of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

14.Statue “The Pilgrim” done by Albin Polasek for the family. The statue gives the appearance of walking toward the family mausoleum.

15.The MASARYK MEMORIAL MAUSOLEUM named after and dedicated to the memory of T.G. Masaryk, the founder and First President of the Czechoslavak Republic.

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