The American Flag Flown at the War Memorial in Honor of Veterans

With the dedication of the War Memorial in September 1952, the cemetery instituted the policy that if the flag that covered the veteran’s casket was given to the cemetery, the cemetery would fly the flag from the War Memorial at least one day a year in honor of that veteran in perpetuity. This honor was also extended to veterans whose families provided funds for the cemetery to purchase a flag. On the day that the American flag is flown in honor of a veteran, the veteran’s name is displayed on the front of the War Memorial.

To personalize this honor to the veteran, the cemetery is now flying the flag on the day the veteran was “Promoted to Glory” – the day the veteran died. Volunteers are working to identify the date of death of the veterans honored at the War Memorial.

The following list has the date the veteran was “Promoted to Glory” with a blue background and other dates the veteran is honored with a white background.

Following this list is a list of veterans by location in the cemetery.

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